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My name is Amirul, an aspiring web developer from Malaysia.

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Currently working in the petrochemical industry as a Process Safety Executive. Graduated from University Teknologi PETRONAS in Chemical Engineering which is bit far from this website's tagline. However, I learn programming in my free time and do pet projects to apply my learning. I just like programming; it feels like playing Lego but instead of following the instuctions and follow as per intended design of the kit, you read the library's documentation and build what ever you want out of it.

I am also an open source user and supporter. At home, I have a laptop with Ubuntu to learn how to use a Linux powered OS as my daily OS either for browsing the internet or doing web development. I am currently loving Python and would like to do more projects with it.


Printing Shop Website

E-commerce website for a brick and motar printing shop in Ayer Keroh, Melaka. UHTrading.com

Homestay Business Website

Static webpage for a homestay. Focus on mobile usability and fast loading.
HomestayAyerKeroh.com | HomestaydMelaka.com

Lucky Draw

A simple web app for lucky draw I did for a dinner event. Source code | Live demo

Majalah.com Web Scraper

Phone number web scraper for Majalah.com website using Watir Ruby Library. Source code


Generate a link that will redirect to your whatsapp number. Source code | Live demo

Bitcoin Price Checker

Bitcoin price checker using Python's standard library for GUI, TKinter. Bitcoin price conversion to Ringgit taken from Luno.com. Source code

Telegram bot

A Telegram bot that asks some questions on Python. If the user answer correctly, admin Belajar Python Telegram Group will be notified. @BelajarPythonBot

Network Attached Storage

Using Banana Pi Pro connected with hard disk and share files on the network with Samba. Bonus feature, auto-download new movies from the internet.

Freecodecamp Projects

Mini projects I did following the Freecodecamp curriculum Weather Applet | Wikipedia Viewer